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Add a poll to your Teams chat or channel

Byte-size Bulletin by Simon Heath in Tips, Microsoft Teams on Nov 5, 2021

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Here's how to add a poll survey to a chat or Channel in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Go to the chat or Channel in which you want to post your poll.
  2. Find the menu bar underneath where you type a new message. Select the Forms icon or if you don't have it click on the three dots.
  3. From the pop-up window, select the Forms icon or type it into the search bar to find it. Click on the Forms icon.
  4. Forms will open, showing a template for you to fill in.
  5. Here are the options you can use to create your poll:
    • In the Question box, type what you want to ask.
    • By default, you are given two optional answers people can choose from. Click into each box to type the possible survey responses.
    • You can add other possible answers by clicking on "+ Add option".
    • By default polls are created that allow only one answer. Click on the slider "Multiple answers" if you want to make it possible for people to select any or all responses.
    • Tick "Share results automatically after voting" for the answers to be transparent to all the chat members.
    • Tick "Keep responses anonymous" so that you can't identify who gave what answer.
  6. Once you have created the poll, click Save to move to a preview.
  7. From the preview you can further make changes by clicking on "Edit" or you can post your poll by clicking "Send".
  8. If you close the preview window using the cross at the top right the poll is not saved but disappears and you will need to recreate it.

Once you have clicked Send your poll is posted in the chat. As the members of the chat respond the survey results are updated.


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