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Welcome to The Final Step

Managed IT Services in London

We exist to help you fulfil your potential

Founded on customer service in 1987, we have been providing premium IT support services to small and medium sized businesses in London and beyond for almost four decades.

We see IT not as a commodity, but as an investment that acts as a catalyst for growth and success.

Our experienced, qualified and committed team exists to enable you and your business to fulfil your potential through your IT investment. 

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A lot has happened since 1987

From Tim Berners-Lee proposing the World Wide Web in 1989, Google launching in 1998, and who can forget Y2K!
A lot has happened since The Final Step opened in 1987!
Explore our history below
Raja Pagadala founds The Final Step, an IT Support company based in Covent Garden, London.
the final step it support company timeline
Achieve Microsoft Certified Partner status. We are now a Microsoft Solutions Partner - Modern Work.
MS Partner colour Modern Work 2022 - timeline
Attend our first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Now called Inspire, we still attend.
it support company london Microsoft-Inspire2 copy
Founder members in UK of Best Practice IT Peer Group.
the final step it support company timeline
Invited to join Advisory Council for International IT best practice group.
HTG Peer Groups Advisory Council it support logo
Recipient of the "Go-Giver Member" award for IT community contribution at IT Nation Evolve.
Go-Giver member award-2
Strengthen our Cyber Security capability by partnering with Cyber Security awareness training specialist, KnowBe4.
KnowBe4 Cyber security training london
Join the "Unified Continuity Hall of Fame" at DattoCon 18 in Barcelona.
Win "Go Giver member" award (again!) for IT community contribution at IT Nation Evolve!
Go-Giver member award-1
Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. A rigorous test of our organisation's cyber security systems.
cyber essentials plus certified it support london 2
Win "MSP with the Best Work Culture" award at the MSP Awards 2022.
superops ai award winner london
One of eight Central London MSPs and one of 42 EMEA MSPs to win a spot on the MSP 501 global rankings list 022.
msp 501 award winner it support company london
One of seven Central London MSPs and one of 40 EMEA MSPs to win a spot on the MSP 501 global rankings list 2023.
msp 501 award winner it support company london 2023 -2

Meet our leadership team

Our founder Raja Pagadala started the company in 1987 because he loved tech and great customer service. We’re called The Final Step because we want the experience to be so good, you never feel the need to step away and look for someone better
raja pagadala founder the final step it support london 3

Raja Pagadala

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luisa marques managing director the final step it support london -3

Luisa Marques
Managing Director

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simon heath director the final step it support london

Simon Heath

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steve anderton technical director the final step it support london 4

Steve Anderton
Technical Director

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Mansukh Vekaria Customer Service Manager the final step it support london 3

Mansukh Vekaria
Customer Service Director

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6 reasons to partner with us for
IT support services

Excellent service

Customer service is where our focus is. IT isn’t a commodity, it’s not a tap you turn on, IT is a service. 

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And our metrics are consistently best in class. We don’t outsource or use overseas call centres.
If you need us out-of-hours, somebody will be there to help.

No outsourcing

Training, developing, certifying and looking after people’s wellbeing takes time and money.

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But wow, does it pay off for us both! This year three of our team celebrated their 17 year anniversaries at The Final Step!
We invest in our staff because we know you want a motivated and knowledgeable IT support services partner. We look after our staff so they can look after you.

Rapid response

If you pick up the phone to contact us, our staff will answer. We won't keep you waiting. 

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We endeavour to answer the phone within 3 rings and keep our initial response time below 15 minutes (our current average is only 8 minutes).


Our expertise frees up your time and enables you to make well informed decisions. 

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Building a library of procedures, templates and checklists is only half the job of IT support. 
If you want consistently good outcomes you have to apply and develop these intelligently. 
Working with our team of IT experts will free up your time and enable you to make well informed decisions. We offer comprehensive care and ensure the right person is on the right job.

True partnership

We develop our staff so they are invested in you. Your interests are our interests. 

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We work as an extension of your team and build strong relationships with your staff so we can provide the best quality assistance.
We are flexible in our approach and can provide fully managed IT support services or support your internal IT team.

Strategic planning

Continuous improvement towards your goals. We consider IT a strategic investment, not a commodity. 

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It is not something that can be tacked on as an afterthought for the lowest cost, but should be seen as a real catalyst for business growth and success.
With our clients we have built a proven process to ensure IT is contributing to your success. 

Your path to success

With our clients we have built a proven process to ensure IT is contributing to your success. It won’t take up too much of your time and allows you to budget, adjust and prove return on investment. Whilst the process is tried and tested over 35 years, it's also tailored to your circumstances and it's a process that we are continually looking to improve


Know where you are


We look at your entire business to verify crucial information.

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We find out what’s really going on and use the audit to benchmark you against your peers and the five stages of IT maturity.
The audit is the cornerstone to fulfilling business potential.


Understand root causes


We get strategic with your business and your goals.

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Presenting our findings to your board, understanding your business goals and carrying out a SWOT analysis.
This is where we identify your bottlenecks, assess the risks, untangle IT issues, trace problems to the root and clear a path to progress. Your board and senior team are involved at this stage which also means everyone is invested.


Informed decisions

budget-it-support-london (5)

Leveraging all the knowledge and strategy we’ve acquired...

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...will enable you to make informed decisions.
We'll identify the priorities and create a plan of action, that includes roadmaps, budgets, deeper audits and a continuous cycle of reporting.
We'll develop your IT maturity, enabling you to grow and scale your business.


Continuous improvement


We report on your projects, analyse results, increase...

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...compliance, reduce risks, encourage change, monitor impact and maintain an ongoing conversation with your senior team. Once we’ve done all that, we repeat the cycle to ensure your IT is always giving you a competitive advantage.
Kaizen (a constant state of improvement) is one of the pillars of how we'll work with you, meaning we'll never stop getting better.
Dr James Cant - CEO

"Efficient, unflustered, friendly and kind.

Best IT support I've ever experienced"

Dr. James Cant

Chief Executive Officer
Resuscitation Council UK

Consistently delivering outstanding
IT support services since 1987



2022 Customer Satisfaction score
[1,327 reviews]



2021 Customer Satisfaction score
[1,768 reviews]



2020 Customer Satisfaction score
[2,505 reviews]

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"Most first line engineers I have known would have been phased by this request, and batted it off to a second or third line. I think it speaks a lot for TFS's level of training and engineer autonomy to solve issues for themselves that this didn't happen."

Simon Jarvis

IT Director
Enara Bio

Our Values

cyber security-small-business it-support-company-London-icon-2


We share our responsibilities and goals as a team, and work together to ensure the right person is on the right job with the right tools to succeed. 

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There is no task too big or too small – from comprehensive projects to everyday technical questions, we are with you every step of the way.
cyber security company london -small-business


We strive at all times to be transparent – honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t hide our mistakes, we learn from them.

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We won’t misguide or missell you, we will tell you if something isn’t the right fit. If we can’t help, we’ll be upfront and help you find an alternative.

cyber security company london -small-business


We always treat others as we would like to be treated. Our core purpose is to create trust and value for our clients, to earn their lifetime loyalty. 

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Respect and professionalism has played a pivotal role in ensuring this from many of our longest-standing clients. New or old, all of our clients are treated with the same respect.

Certified and partnered with the best

Working in partnership with you

Fully managed IT support services

If you don’t have your own internal IT team, we can act as your entire IT department, performing all functions, from setting up devices for new starters, to migrating you to the cloud and ensuring you are cyber secure.

Supporting your IT team

If however you do have an internal IT team, we can help them shape and deliver that IT plan. In this instance, our role is to assist in ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and are adopted by your staff.

Support international operations

Having been part of an international best practice peer group for well over a decade, we have been asked by other IT providers to help support London-based clients. We are used to dovetailing with one or more helpdesks.

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