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How to use polls in WhatsApp

Byte-size Bulletin by Sam Thompson in Productivity, Social media, WhatsApp on Mar 13, 2023


The poll feature in WhatsApp is an efficient way to make group decisions and gather feedback on specific topics. Whether you are planning a social event or making a business decision, polls can help you gather opinions quickly and make informed decisions based on your group's preferences. In the video above, we show you to how to use this feature so you can get the most out of it.

It's worth noting that whilst this tip is filmed on an iPhone, there is only one small difference on an Android that we cover in the video!

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Hello, and welcome to another Byte-Size Bulletin video by The Final Step.

Today I will show you how to make use of WhatsApp's poll feature, a straight-forward and stress-free way to gauge interest or preferences in your group chats or individual conversations.

It's worth noting that this tip is filmed on an iPhone, but the method for creating a poll on an Android is much the same, with one small difference which I will mention when we get to it.

The first step is to navigate to WhatsApp and open it. From here we want to open the conversation we want to send the poll to. I'm going to use my conversation with myself as an example. Check out how to do this in our previous tip, linked below.

Once you're inside of the chat interface, check for the plus symbol to the left of the chat box. On an Android, this will be replaced with a paperclip symbol. Click this.

This will bring up a few options, including access to your photo library, sending documents or sending your live location, but in this instance we want to click "Poll".

This will bring up an easy to use prompt to create your new poll. In the top box, enter your question, and then enter up to twelve different responses in the option boxes below.

Once you're ready to create your poll, click "Send" in the top right, and watch for the responses to pour in.

From here, people in your conversation can choose as many options as they like, so make sure to send an extra message or include it in the poll title if you only want recipients to choose one option.

Thanks for watching another Byte-Size Bulletin video by The Final Step.


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