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How to generate random text in Word

Byte-size Bulletin by Simon Heath in Tips, Microsoft Word on Jul 30, 2021


Sometimes you want to insert random text into a Microsoft Word document. In my case, this has been to check the layout in Word or another application.

There are three options for this in Microsoft Word. Each requires a particular AutoCorrect feature to be turned on. This "Replace text as you type" feature can set by doing this:

  • From Word's main menu, select File, Options
  • In the Options box, from the left-hand menu select Proofing
  • From the Proofing main window, click on AutoCorrect Options
  • Half down ensure there is a tick in the box: Replace text as you type

Now you can use one of these three methods to insert random text:

  1. Type =rand(1,2)
    Press the Enter button and random text will be inserted.
    This inserts random text.
  2. Type =lorem(1,2)
    Press the Enter button and the "lorem ipsum" text will be inserted. Useful if you want to indicate the text is meant to be random.
  3. Type =rand.old(1,2)
    Press the Enter button and the "quick brown fox" text will be inserted. Again, useful if you want to indicate the text is meant to be random.
The word after the = sign controls the type of text inserted.
The amount of text is controlled by the numbers in the brackets, which you can alter as required. The first number controls the number of paragraphs. The second number, after the comma, controls the number of lines per paragraph. 

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