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Why IT support is not a commodity

Byte-size Bulletin by The Final Step in IT Support, Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services on Oct 17, 2023

A prospect recently told me: “I’m looking for an IT Service Provider that actually provides a service.”

Her experience when selecting IT providers was that the promises evaporated soon after the contract was signed:

•    Quarterly strategy meetings flipped into sales pitches for the provider rather than consultancy for the client.
•    Projects bloated in to scope and cost wrestling matches.
•    Fee-earning colleagues started avoiding contacting the help desk.

People often view IT support as it is were commodity – like water or electricity. It seems it doesn’t matter who you buy it from because it’s the same “thing” getting piped in to your business. But IT is more of a service. Skilled providers with your best interests at heart make a huge difference.

Check out our short video above describing why we don’t see IT as a commodity, about the difference a quality provider can make to your business and an introduction to evaluating the quality of different IT providers.

If you don't have IT support and are looking for a provider to help you realise your potential, or are looking to change from an existing IT service provider that doesn't have your best interests at heart, get in touch with us today.

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