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How to Choose an Internet Phone solution

Byte-size Briefing by The Final Step in Productivity on Feb 23, 2021

Internet phones play an important part in your company being more productive, competitive and flexible. Find you how by viewing our presentation summary.

  • Your business is more flexible, with a fully functioning phone system wherever you have an Internet connection.
  • That makes you more responsive to clients' needs.
  • Productivity improves because communications support your workflows.
  • Operational costs reduce for many reasons, including lower call costs and less use of mobiles and messaging services.
  • Scale up or down, as needed, with users on a monthly-rolling subscription basis.

Briefing Agenda and timings:

Start: Intro

0:20 - The challenge senior Manager's face in choosing Internet phones and how to approach it.

1:36 - Internet phones as part of digital transformation, or a move to the Cloud. Why all phones will be digital soon.

3:08 - What is an Internet phone solution? How does it differ from a traditional phone system and why is it an improvement?

5:20 - Why choosing the wrong Internet phone can be a problem. How can you avoid it?

6:03 - Identify where you are now by assessing your current assets both qualitatively and quantitatively.

7:09 - Plan what you want to achieve by drawing up two lists.

8:04 - The importance of assessing and managing your Internet connections.

9:47 - The value of training in ensuring your implementation is successful, follows your policies and stays well managed and cost-effective.

11:08 - How to ensure you keep your phone numbers and the essential features of your previous phone system. 

12:15 - Successfully implementing a phone system is not just about choosing the right tool, but about enhancing that with the right adoption methodology.



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