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When it comes to security, we are our own worst enemies

Byte-size Bulletin by Simon Heath in Security, News on Aug 19, 2021


Despite it being good advice and pretty easy to do Twitter reports that over 97% of their users do not apply Two Factor Authentication (2FA, an extra layer of security to protect logins) to their accounts.


Their report covers July to December 2020. It says only 2.3% of active Twitter accounts in that period had at least one 2FA method enabled. 


This seems a pitifully tiny percentage. A compromised Twitter account can be embarrassing and potentially puts others at risk. If the compromised password is used elsewhere it can lead to other accounts being hacked.


Twitter call this a transparency report in the hope that shining a light on the current low uptake of security measures will encourage greater adoption. 


Of course, it is not only Twitter that faces such security challenges. The low numbers using 2FA pretty much sums up how we can be our own worst enemies in all areas of security.


We don’t actively think about security by default. We prioritise our convenience overprotection and excuse it by saying that we probably aren’t a target.


Most of us struggle to adopt the security-first mindset that the times demand. And because of that, we make it easy for criminals.


If you want to rise to the challenge and set 2FA on your Twitter account here are their instructions. To consider how to adopt better password behaviours within your business read this blog.

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