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The Lazarus Heist

Byte-size Bulletin by Simon Heath in Security, News on Jul 22, 2021

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The Lazarus Heist is a BBC World Service 10-part podcast about cyber criminality, named after the Lazarus Group, an alleged group of North Korean hackers.


It's a highly entertaining, serious piece of investigative journalism by Geoff White and Pulitzer-nominated correspondent Jean Lee, an expert on North Korea.


It begins with the hack of Sony Pictures and moves on to the $1 billion heist attempted on the Bangladesh Bank.


What is fascinating about the series is how it transitions from the big-picture, of state politics and socio-economic drivers to the very personal. There are insights into nation-states and why cyber criminality is so attractive to them, how they recruit and enforce gangs and the personal fallout for businesses and employees.


All ten episodes are now released, listed as “indefinitely” available and can be heard or downloaded here.

Image from BBC website.

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