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Boost Your Business Productivity With Windows 11 Snap

Byte-size Bulletin by Rachael Brown in News, Windows 11 on Jun 30, 2021

Windows 11: Credit Adobe Stock

Snapping is nothing new. Microsoft has always made snapping a central part of their PC experience. And with the release of Windows 11 - it's getting a whole new makeover.

But what is snapping? How does it work? And most importantly, how does Windows 11 feature this system in such a way that massively boosts business productivity?

Snapping is a feature of the Windows interface that allows you to ‘snap’ website tabs, apps and features to the sides of your computer screen desktop without manually resizing and moving them.

So no, it is not the ‘snapping’ you may be used to as a Londoner. The kind of ‘snapping’ you contemplate every morning on the tube.

That snapping is a product of inconvenience, stress and hassle. Meanwhile, Microsoft 11’s snapping UX (user experience) system promises to help you avoid these three things - by updating the way you organise and interact with your work.

Many business owners may feel the Windows 11 update itself - which will replace Windows 10 - is a hassle. “We’re going to have to upgrade again?” you might groan, in the break room, a mug of tea in your hand and twenty emails to respond to.

Some have also argued the updates to Windows snap, and even Windows 11 as a whole, is only window (or should we say 'windows') dressing. Sure, there is truth in the statement that Windows 11 is not a radical change from Windows 10.

But programs like Snap have been subtly but significantly altered by the update - becoming more efficient, streamlined and organised. And when it comes to business productivity, you shouldn't underestimate the benefits of small changes that will have  significant long term impact. 

So if your first instinct was to dismiss the new system, think again, because Windows 11 for business owners looking to boost their productivity is a blessing in disguise.

From multitasking to tracking projects to managing your team, the Windows 11 snapping UX system brings some simple yet innovative solutions that will speed and streamline your working process.

This is especially impressive considering Windows Snap consists of only two main components. Let’s go over them together.

Snap Layouts

Snap Layouts serve to formalise the Windows snapping feature, being made significantly more modern and accessible for Windows 11.

Snap Layouts allow users to place their desktop into a pre-made template, of square formations or long thin windows. What this means is that the computer display, your apps and website tabs are modified into an easy to navigate layout.

This renders multitasking and time splicing a breeze, as users can effortlessly transition from tab to tab and absorb information without the hassle of resizing and reorganising their layout themselves.

This feature is a godsend for tablets, allowing users to say goodbye to the awkward process of using their fingers to delicately resize and move important information.

In addition to this, anyone who’s worked in an office knows that having more than one monitor can really boost your concentration and overall productivity.

With the pandemic, most of us have been confined to working at home and equally confined to the seemingly miniature screen of our personal laptops.

When faced with endless emails, projects and deadlines our screens struggle to effectively contain all the tabs and windows that we need. The solution? For many, it’s been the expenditure and hassle of buying a second monitor for home use.

This situation can be completely avoided with Snap layouts, which structure and simplify your digital space, making it possible for you to stay on top of things without needing multiple screens. Snap layouts reduce cost, hassle and time, in the process massively boost individual and collective productivity.

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this feature - snapping can push you to become the organisational powerhouse you’ve always wanted to be.

The benefits of Windows 11’s snapping system for businesses continue to shine, as we look at the second component of its system: Snap Groups

Snap Groups

Snap Groups is an extension of snap layouts, which is organised around remembering and grouping together the apps you use on a regular basis. Meaning this feature removes the need for users manually to remember and reorganise their desktop with their desired apps and tabs every time they sign in.

Even if you are using, say an external monitor with a laptop, Snap Groups will memorise the layout used on your monitor and give you immediate access to it.

Working on a project requiring multiple programs in a multi-window layout? No problem. Snap Groups will allow you easy and efficient access to all your tabs, securing them in place.

With this handy feature, interruptions to your work- like an issue that forces you to restart your computer - no longer significantly impact your productivity. Normally, you would need manually to reorganise your desktop’s layout - but with snap groups, effortless and immediate restoration is possible.

All this is extremely helpful for your business's productivity, as you reduce the amount of time and energy exerted towards unimportant tasks that do not directly boost the success of the business.

Everything you utilise each day to produce impactful work - from your emails to your workspace to your editing software - will pop up immediately with Snap Groups in an easy to navigate layout.

A layout that increases your capacity to effectively absorb and utilise large amounts of information, lessening your risk of becoming visually overwhelmed and exhausted by endless tabs.

Like Snap Layouts, Groups is ultimately a feature that cultivates superior organisation in your business. And an organised business, is an inherently more effective business, from new recruits to the people in charge.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock 

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