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Share a link to a particular part of a web page

Byte-size Bulletin by Simon Heath in Tips, Productivity, Web Browsers on Oct 20, 2021


Sometimes you want to share a particular idea or section of a web page with someone.

If the web page is a long read, it is very handy to be able to direct them to one or two sentences that sparked your interest. They can then continue to explore the web page further.

If you both use Chrome here's how to share a specific part of a web page.

  • From within Chrome, select the section or sentence on the web page you want to share.
  • Right click on your selection and from the pop-up menu select: "Copy link to highlight".
  • Now paste that link into an email or message, depending on how you are sharing it.
  • When the other person clicks on the link in Chrome they will go to that part of the page and see it highlighted.

If you want a part of your own website updated or amended, it's a great way to share an edit with your web team.


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