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One of Apple’s first computers just sold for $400,000 at auction

Byte-size Bulletin by Rachael Brown in IT Infrastructure, News on Nov 10, 2021

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One of the last Apple-1 computers, the original computer by the company, has been sold at auction this week by John Moran Auctioneers for a staggering $400,000. 

The 45-year-old computer, one of just 200 that Steve Jobs tested and designed in the Jobs Los Altos home, was expected to be sold for up to $600,000.

This Apple-1 was one of 50 sold to Paul Terell, owner of the ByteShop in California. It was purchased by a college electronics professor from Chafee, who then sold it to a student to upgrade to an Apple II. The student has owned the Apple-1 ever since.

One of six encased in Koa wood, which is now extremely rare and expensive, this Apple-1 has undergone an “extensive authentication, restoration, and evaluation process”, according to the auction house.

It comes with a copy of the basic manual and operations guide, an original programming manual, a Panasonic video monitor, power and cassette interface cables and two Apple-1 software cassette tapes.

This Apple-1 unit is considered a holy grail among Apple enthusiasts, due to the fact it’s fully functional. There are only 60 units in existence, and only 20 are fully functioning.
This helps to explain it's purchase at such a high price, with John Moran Auctioneers starting the bidding off yesterday at $200,000. 
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