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AutoSave: How to enable it on your files and dictate who gets to edit

Byte-size Bulletin by Rachael Brown in Tips, SharePoint on Jun 29, 2022

AutoSave is a convenient, time-saving feature which continually updates your work without you needing to save it manually. This tip shows you how to set it up and how to dictate who gets to edit the file when sharing. 

Dictating this level of access is important because when you share a file that has AutoSave enabled with others, it will automatically save their edits. 

If you don't want their edits saved, that can be an issue. This tip will show you how to prevent that by dictating editing rights. 

This tip also shows you how, in the event that unwanted edits have been saved to a file, you can revert it to a previous version. 

For more file-sharing tips, check out the tip we did on how to share files from SharePoint online.




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