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Bits & Bytes - November 2023

Article by The Final Step in IT Support, Security, Security First Mindset on Nov 30, 2023

Welcome to our latest update

A round up of news and tips from November, that we hope you enjoy


In this edition, we are excited to share our latest article covering which Cyber Security threats are most likely to affect your business going into 2024 and how you can protect against them, Raja gives us the rundown on the latest IT Nation Connect conference, and a quick reminder about our Christmas party!


Top 4 Cyber Security threats..

...facing your business going into 2024

Cyber security has been a focus since the dawn of the internet, especially so since the dot-com boom in the late 90s, but never has cyber crime been so prevalent as it is today. We depend so heavily on the internet and technology in both our professional and personal lives and cyber criminals are exploiting our dependence more and more each year.

Top 4 Cyber Threats facing businesses going into 2024

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated by the day, and whilst there’s no way to predict the exact cost cyber crime will cause to businesses and individuals, the projected cost of global cybercrime by 2025 is £8.6 trillion – greater than the GDP of Kosovo, and that of 59 other countries!

So what are the top cyber security issues you should be looking out for going into 2024? And how can you avoid your company’s finances becoming a part of this statistic? Find out now.


Raja takes the stage at IT Nation

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Earlier this month, our Founder Raja Pagadala shared the stage with some of his peers at IT Nation Connect in Orlando to discuss all things cyber security and AI in IT.

"This year the 2 main themes of IT Nation were security and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the sector, specifically Robotic Process Automation. As always, the conference featured thought-provoking and informative keynotes and sessions, and presented a great opportunity to catch up with peers. Investing in education, training and events like this helps keep TFS at the forefront of developing trends.

A huge thank you to everyone at ConnectWise that makes this event both enjoyable and informative."


Celebrating a great year at The Final Step

MicrosoftTeams-imageTFS Christmas Party, 2022

This weekend on Saturday 2nd of December at 5pm, we're closing out a wonderful year in style with our Christmas party!

We hope that you will be having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend yourselves. However, if you are a client and have an out of hours emergency, follow our usual procedures and we will help you out.


Thank you for reading and sharingsimon heath director the final step it support london

Thanks to Sam for writing about cyber crime and to Raja about security and AI.

These two issues come together in the BBC's podcast for File on 4 and their rather disturbing report on Artificial Intelligence: The Criminal Threat.

If you need any help or would like to discuss anything you have read in this newsletter, please get in touch with Simon Heath.

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