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Bits & Bytes - May 2023

Article by The Final Step in IT Support, Security, Security First Mindset on Jun 1, 2023

Welcome to our latest update

A round up of news and tips from May, that we hope you enjoy


Spotlight on: iPhone thefts


iPhone theft and resulting loss of money, identities and personal data

iphone theft-it- support-london-company

In London, in 2022, 91,000 phones were reported stolen; one every six minutes. Only 2% were recovered. The likelihood is that if your phone is stolen, you will never get it back. In a new development, criminals are stealing more than just the device.

They are taking your money, your identity, and your data, and locking you out of all of them.

Criminals tend to target iPhones because they consider them a lucrative target and because of how Apple's security features work. But there are lessons to be learned regardless of the device you use.

If your company uses iPhones and other mobile devices this is a risk to consider, as business data and systems could be compromised. Read more.


Help is at hand

In June we will publish our guidance on how to change your iPhone settings to better protect your device, your Apple ID, your apps and data on the phone. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as changing one setting. You need to add layers of security.

Our guidance covers 8 essential 'how-to' video tips to stop or slow the criminal's access to your device, identity and money and help you retain and recover your data.


How can I get this guidance?

The best way to get updated is to follow our company page on LinkedIn where we will post the guidance and we'll also include it in our June newsletter.


We are delighted to announce..


...that our founder Raja Pagadala will be speaking at IT Nation Secure in June.

"This June I will be attending ConnectWise's Cyber Security conference: IT Nation Secure. Undoubtedly, security currently plays the most significant role in Technology Service Provider's strategy.

IT Nation Secure will give you the opportunity to understand the latest developments, mingle with like-minded peers, and really help you set your roadmap for the coming year whether it is from a strategic, management, marketing, or technical perspective. It is worth investing your time in this key event - the 2023 conference will be even bigger and better than 2022!"

Raja Pagadala - Founder, The Final Step



This is Gracie

Gracie is smiling because on May 4th - World Password Day - her owner had not used...

"Gracie", "gracie1" or even "Gr@c1e!" as the basis for their password. Gracie likes strong passwords with no guessable personal details (like your pet's name)! Keep Gracie happy and review your password strength today.

Here's some help:


Helping people fulfil their potential


Yes, we're talking our clients, but this also applies to everyone who works here. Fulfilling potential starts at home.

At The Final Step we invest heavily in our staff, resulting in better service and happier clients, as well as happier employees.

We are proud to have worked with QA to employ high-calibre apprentices who combine IT certification and real-world experience to deliver exceptional IT support service to our clients.

Read the case study.


Around the business

May has been a great month. We celebrated several anniversaries and enjoyed some well-earned social time at the Flight Club!

Some moments of tension and some moments of comedy as The Final Step stepped up to the oche to play darts and socialise at Flight Club Darts last week.

  • Congratulations to Paul Matthews who came out top of the leaderboard.
  • Commiserations to Steve Anderton who was heavily targeted in Donkey Derby.
  • And 'Special Mention' goes to Tim Turnbull who was too calculating and clinical in the Killer round for anyone else to get close.

A great time was had by the whole team!

flight club





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