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IT Nation Evolve - Amsterdam, 2023

Article by The Final Step in IT Support, IT Infrastructure, Security on Feb 13, 2023

Thank you to ConnectWise for hosting the recent IT Nation Evolve Security Peer Group Meeting in Amsterdam

This January, our own Paul Matthews attended IT Nation Evolve in Amsterdam.

Thank you to Leigh and Natalie from ConnectWise for organising. We loved getting away to Amsterdam to focus on the learning and use of ChatGPT for the ice-breakers.

The theme of this peer group was the MSP+ Framework, and we were thrilled to attend Nick Espinosa's expert talk on the 'Five Laws of Cyber Security'.

See Nick Espinosa's Five Laws below with our thoughts:

  • Law 1 - If there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited. We call this a 'security-first mindset', others call this 'zero trust'.
  • Law 2 - Everything is vulnerable in some way. Balancing convenience with security leads to some difficult decisions. For example, don't use public WiFi, use your mobile hotspot where possible.
  • Law 3 - Humans trust even when they shouldn't. Build in checks and balances wherever possible, like verifying changes to account details.
  • Law 4 - With innovation comes opportunity for exploitation. Whilst Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is still a necessary precaution, MFA on its own isn't enough these days. Make it adaptive and contextual.
  • Law 5 - When in doubt, see Law 1. Remain vigilant and verify your trust is well placed.

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