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International Women's Day 2023

Article by The Final Step in IT Support, Careers on Mar 8, 2023

Celebrating inspirational women at The Final Step


For International Women's Day 2023, we are celebrating the aspirations, inspiration and achievements of four women we are lucky to have as leaders at The Final Step. Between them they have 39 years of experience building the people, systems and processes that deliver our service.

Two of them left home, to create homes, lives and careers in a foreign country. Including earning a degree and professional certification in a second language! All in the male-dominated world of IT support.

Lauren as our Service Desk Manager champions clients' support needs and deadlines by coordinating a team of seven. She's the air traffic controller keeping everyone calm under pressure.

Yin has a relentless work ethic and eye for detail that sees her scoop up, accurately record, digest and then report on accounts from the minutiae to the overview.

Luisa knows how to get things done. She also knows how to get others to get things done. On top of that she knows what are the right things to do and how best to do them. She's also really good at getting the best out of software. No surprise she's General Manager!

Faye manages admin and helps the management team keep on track. She ensures that details are not forgotten and processes that support a lot of the business are taken seriously. That includes us taking time out to have some fun - which is also a serious business.


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