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Do you have a good answer when asked about your data security?

Article by Simon Heath on Aug 22, 2017

Senior people at professional service firms are being asked by clients and prospects about the details of their data security. Some are even being told “if you want to do business with us we need to audit your arrangements”.

If you haven’t yet faced such questions they are almost certainly coming your way. Now is the time to prepare.

The questions are coming up for a very good reason: the law is about to make more demands on how businesses verify their trust in you.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the body enforcing the law, writes this about the increased accountability:

“…the GDPR places further obligations on you to ensure your contracts with processors comply with the GDPR.”

“The GDPR requires you to show how you comply with the principles – for example by documenting the decisions you take…”

Regardless of your starting point we, at The Final Step Limited, help people get their data security to where they need it to be.

We help clients who have not started, and feel behind and bewildered. We also help clients with robust data security who want to get certified.

If you want to discover:

  • The shortest, fastest, most relevant route to data security
  • How you gain control of your own data security
  • How you can prove the quality of work you do in this area

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