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Taking screenshots on smartphones

Article by The Final Step on Mar 6, 2015


Taking a screenshot on an android device is a simple process achievable in two ways:

Method 1:

Hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously. You will hear an audible confirmation followed by a notification.

Method 2:

Hold the power button for 1-2 seconds and the power off menu will appear. Clicking the Screenshot option will achieve the same result as method 1. (This screenshot option will take an image of whatever is behind the menu).

Once you have your screenshot you can use them in many ways. Firstly open the ‘Gallery’ app found on all Android smartphones and press the share button:



Of course emailing the screenshot is the most likely use, but the range of possibilities is large and can grow as apps that can use screenshots are installed on the phone.


Taking a screenshot on an iPhone is similar to Android. In this case pressing the power/lock button and the Home button takes a screenshot.

The picture then appears in the phone’s Camera Roll

Select the image and then press the ‘next’ button to reveal sharing options

Choosing email, for example, will launch the email application with the screenshot already loaded as an attachment.

Windows Phone 8

Taking a screenshot on Windows Phone 8 is, unsurprisingly, similar to our previous examples. In this case pressing the Windows key and power button simultaneously will get you a screenshot.

Now access the ‘Photo Hub’ and select Album and then ‘Screenshots’

To select one or more screenshots simply press the select button, chose the photo(s) you want (a tick will appear next to them) and then tap the more icon (represented by ••• )

Lastly make your selection in the list of sharing options.

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