How to enter presentation mode on a laptop

Have you ever had a presentation interrupted by the screen saver blocking it out? If so presentation mode can help. It is a quick way to change default behaviour that does not suit presentations. This is a Windows Vista and Windows 7 only feature and only available on laptops.

To use this feature begin by clicking on the Start Button.

Then click in the "Search programs and files field" and type “present” followed by clicking “Adjust settings before giving a presentation”.

Left click on "I am currently giving a presentation” in "Presentation Settings", then set up your required options:


  • Turn off the screen saver: This option will stop the screen saver coming on during a presentation.
  • Set the volume to: Allows setting a suitable volume for your presentation.
  • Show this background: This can be used for setting background just for presenting. Company branding can be substituted for personal wallpaper.

Once defined all these settings can be turned on or off in one go. Simply tick/untick the “I’m presenting box” or use Win Key + X to toggle between on and off.

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